Propaganda Perspectives

We often see examples of Allied propaganda posters, but the other side had them as well…

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It’s easy to forget,
sometimes that other
societies have a perspective
on things that is very
different from our own.

It’s probably a major reason
why we have so much conflict
in the world.

One way to understand
(of course, that doesn’t
mean you’re going to
agree with it ) things
from the other guy’s
viewpoint is to look at
his sources for information.

If he really doesn’t like you,
based on cultural reasons
alone, there’s a good chance
that he’s been taught that
you’re a big fink by the
educational and political
institutional media of his

Some of the references
are rather random,
but most of it is part of
a larger and tightly controlled
frame of reference-
— a plan, if you will.

That ‘planned’ part is what
we call propaganda.

Most of us are familiar
with our own U.S. propaganda,
some of it made by Disney
Studios, during World…

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About GP Cox

Everett Smith served with the Headquarters Company, 187th Regiment, 11th A/B Division during WWII. This site is in tribute to my father, "Smitty." GPCox is a member of the 11th Airborne Association. Member # 4511 and extremely proud of that fact!

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  1. Great Post, thank you. I’ve always found propaganda really interesting, especially WWII propaganda. It was a completely different world back then. Can you imagine what today’s propaganda would look like, especially when you take into account the Politically Correct world we now live in?

    What would it look like? “We love our enemies and they have a lot of great quality. Don’t forget they are just like us, we are all the same. Remember that when you blow the Ba@#$%#’s heads off!” LOL

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  2. Worthwhile repost gp, the media and propaganda do play a critical role in identifying the protagonists in every war, this is in turn fed to the masses to encourage and abet the war on both sides.

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  3. Fantastisch leuke cartoons

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  4. Also, is there any way I could privately get in contact with you? I would like to ask for your opinion/advice on something?

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    • These comments can only be seen by you and I until I approve them. Therefore they are quite private. Simply let me know if you wish them deleted after I read it and I will put the answer on your site.


  5. Great post! No matter how much we disagree, humans have a way of showing many similarities. It’s always good to see the other side of things that are very like our own.

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  6. Oh yes! Thank you for sharing. And we should not forget: During war activities the truth is always far away. Michael

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  7. Creative destruction, here it was the reprogramming that took a long time, riots on the wharves at Freemanle when the first Datsuns were unloaded. They were called Datsun because the name a Nissan was so controversial, but it backfired anyway because Datsun was still Japanese.

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  8. The images are indeed fascinating. Such child-like illustrations, used to justify war. I am reminded of later years, when photographs of badly-injured and dead children were used in the opposite way, to try to stop the wars in Vietnam, Biafra, and other places. All very sad.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Using cutesy children, in their way, made the Allied soldier a baby-killer. What better way to get people to hate the enemy. The Vietnam era started the politically correct wars, ones that can be won.

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  9. Fascinating, I have seen plenty of Nazi propaganda posters (having taught Germany History) but not Japanese images. They were clearly very effective. The Japanese had treated POW well during WW1 but we all know how things had changed by WW2. What amazes me me is that people in 1930s pretty much only got to see these sorts of images but today people can serach out other points of view on the internet but often don’t bother and believe the rubbish that is printed in the tabloids.

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  10. Was better able to understand the images by visiting the source post. Thanks, GP.

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  11. I really don’t like the idea of children being used in propaganda posters and/or films.

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    • No one really does, it’s the psychological manipulation that governments have to do to keep us behind them in times of war. Here, it made the Allies into baby-killers.


  12. Thanks for linking to this post. I left a comment there — it’s not only interesting to see the other side, it’s a reminder of how insidious all propaganda can be.

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    • Exactly. The governments get us into a war and it is up to them to keep us supporting it. Thank you for continuing to read the post over at Chris’ site. I’ve been a big fan of his postcards for a long time!

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  13. Interesting!

    In Japan there is “Karuta” (= Cards game),design symbolizes the times.

    Here is many design Karuta ↓;_ylt=A2RimE.RDm1agG8ABD2U3uV7?p=%E6%88%A6%E5%89%8D%E3%80%80%E3%82%AB%E3%83%AB%E3%82%BF&aq=-1&oq=&ei=UTF-8#mode%3Dsearch

    I have believed in books, movies,newspapers,etc.. about ten years ago (before the Internet spread over ) .
    But now, before I read it, I will thoroughly examine “Author”.

    “Who is Author connected to?”

    I do not believe book,movie,etc.. if the author is connected to politics and organizations etc.

    Great Thanks for talking about Very Interesting posts!

    I declared that I will not come here, but I’m here to see you! XD!

    Sincerely from JAPAN 😀

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    • I will state my opinion.
      Regarding “Japan” before WW 2, ​​many countries had not known Japan.

      A country called “Japan” is a country that has existed from over 2000 years ago.
      Because it has “special geography” (geopolitics) surrounded by the Sea,
      Japan was not colonized.

      In Japan, there were various power struggles such as “General(the Sho-gun- government )” and “Imperial Court”(Choutei-government ).

      However, in Japan there is the only blood line “Emperor”.
      The Emperor is a human being, Not a God.
      His “role” is “pray to God” for the Japanese people.

      Natural disasters such as Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, Floods, Tsunamis, Typhoons, etc. often occur in “Japan”.
      The staple food of “Japan” is “Rice”, which depends on “Weather”.
      If a bad Rice-crop, the Japanese become famine.
      In other words, Japanese people are influenced by the will of “Weather” = “God”.

      Therefore, the Japanese respect the “God” and
      His Majesty the Emperor take on an important role “pray to God”.

      So ,Japanese often use(love words) 「神」「風」「縁=tie」「先祖」etc..

      This is “JAPAN” ,have been continueing more than 2000 years.

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      • I’m just cautious about that who have got ulterior motive
        which hinder America ‘s alliance with Japan from becoming stronger.

        If,We fell into the trap who laid for USA and JAPAN,
        If ,there was no Pacific war,
        If ,America and Japan did not battle Directly,

        Now, we will be able to give a Praise in conversation,each other,
        It will be Fun.

        I think that America and Japan surely became friends.
        Because,The Nation of USA from 240 years ago (foundation 1776) has a “Full of Energy” and “Large and Muscular Body”! 😀
        It’s contrasting with Japanese.:D

        But America and Japan have had battled which was getting awful.
        So, We never want to battle again, each other.

        I’ll keep on saying ,I love Americans since I was a child.
        Soldiers have “justice”,those of USA and JAPANESE are very Familiar each other.

        Have a Goood day!!

        In Japan,Snowed….Coooold.

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        • I agree!! It was a shame we went to war and I strive here everyday to have people understand how horrendous war can be, how much is lost. Thankfully, Japan and the US are now friends. I see no way for us to NOT be friends in the future. We have gradually learned each others’ culture and accepted much of it into our new and improved culture together.
          Have a Gooood day as well, Nasuko!
          In Florida, cool weather, like Springtime.

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      • Yes, you have quite a history, Nasuko. Unfortunately, right before the war, your people were hidden from the rest of the world and only knew what the government allowed them to hear. No one here blames the citizens, the very heart of Japan or the Emperor. The problems arose from a few that took control of your parliament, army and navy. But I thank you for the history summary you have provided here.

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    • Thank you for the link, Nasuko. Every government made posters to keep their citizens behind the war, to continue to support it. Human nature.
      Thank you for the link, excellent craftsmanship, my friend.

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  14. Somewhere, G, I have a Life Magazine from my birth year, 1943. It’s filled with propaganda. Lots of Hollywood folks spent the war years making propaganda films, including Ronald Reagan. –Curt

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  15. I had a great uncle that worked for Disney during the war he drew propaganda posters

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  16. An interesting reblog, GP. Thank you for posting! Your site is always an interesting read.

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  17. Excellent reblog, GP!
    This is a great blog from Chris!
    I am always in awe and appreciative of the amount of time and effort you and Chris put into your amazing blog posts. Thank you!

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  18. I wondered why those images of ruthless/gallant soldiery looked so ‘cutesy’ … but all was explained at source.
    Thank you for this … all is perspective, as Anton Ego says in the animated movie ‘Ratatouille’.

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  19. Propoganda. Every nation uses them with similar tactics. Why must we all use children in the discourse of war?

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  20. That pesky ‘perspective’ thing. I remember being shocked when I read that very few in the world wanted democracy. Who could not want all those freedoms! But with them come huge responsibilities. At that point, I got the meaning of ‘perspective’. I’m fine with everyone leading their own lives according to their own rules.

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  21. Thank you, Michael.


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