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The Fight for Mindoro

A clearly detailed description of following through on a mission!!


Night Action off Mindoro by Jack Fellows On the night of December 26, 1944, this radar-equipped B-24M night intruder, piloted by Lt. Samuel L. Flinner of the 63rd Bomb Squadron, 43rd Bomb Group attacked and immobilized the Imperial Japanese Navy Yugumo-class destroyer, Kiyoshimo, off the Philippine island of Mindoro, where it was left behind and sunk by a PT boat.
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Night Action off Mindoro by Jack Fellows
Jack Fellows Figuratives, Landscapes, Sketches & more.


Expanding a little more on last week’s post…

As 1944 was wrapping up in the Pacific Theater, units continued their march northward with the invasion and seizure of the island of Mindoro and continuing attacks on Clark Field, Luzon. Mindoro was considered a strategic asset for continued attacks and the eventual push towards reclaiming Luzon from the Japanese. The Japanese knew this, and even though they were driven off Mindoro on December 15th, they weren’t going to give up easily.

Two airfields were constructed on Mindoro within 13 days of the Allied takeover in preparation for the invasion of Luzon. Admiral Masatomi Kumura did not want to see these airfields become usable by the Americans and he assembled eight ships to sail from Vietnam on December 24th to Mindoro in hopes of disrupting the building efforts. It wasn’t until the 26th that their presence was detected some hours south of…

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Mary Bingham


Another tribute to the women of WWII.

Hinges of History

WAVE Mary Bingham talks about enlisting in the WAVES and serving in the Navy.

Her story is part of our month of video countdown to the home video release of Homefront Heroines: The WAVES of World War II.

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Making Angie Cry – For V.J. Day

I felt this a good time between Japan’s surrender and the official signing on 2 September for Toritto’s post.
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Everyone was so happy that day,  I didn’t know why they were happy but I was happy too.  I rode on daddy’s shoulders down 13th avenue, passed the Endicott theater, the waving and happy people kissing in the street.

Grandma bought me a Mello-Roll and now I was getting to play horsey. Giddiup horsey! Smacking daddy’s head.  I could see everyone from Daddy’s shoulders; Everybody waved at me and I waved back!  I was blowing kisses and everyone blew kisses at me!

Daddy gave me a little stick with a funny cloth attached.  He said it was a flag and I should wave it.  So wave it I did!

Fat Tony came out of his candy store, Angie in her apron and house dress
Daddy shook Fat Tony’s hand and gave Angie a big hug
“Frankie boy!”  That was me. “Have a Charlotte Russe!” I love Charlotte Russe. Fat…

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