Smitty’s Letter XIV “On The Move (again)”

I am very sorry for the glitches.

Pacific Paratrooper

LSTs unload at Leyte

By mid-November, Gen. Krueger’s 4 divisions held only a small fraction of Leyte and Yamashita’s reinforcements were still landing.  The weather was grounding aircraft on both sides.

18 November, the 11th Airborne joined in on the King II Operation.  The 2nd battalion of the 187th Regiment went aboard the USS Calvert to land on Bito Beach.  Being as Smitty was part of Gen. Swing’s staff in HQ Company, I do not know if he went aboard this ship.


Letter XIV                                                                             “On The Move (again)”


Dear Mom, 

We have been at sea now for three days heading toward someplace the Land and the great white father in Washington only knows.

As I sit here writing this, I just can’t help but feel like a very small insignificant part of something so vast that the mind can’t in any way begin to comprehend…

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About GP

Everett Smith served with the Headquarters Company, 187th Regiment, 11th A/B Division during WWII. This site is in tribute to my father, "Smitty." GP is a member of the 11th Airborne Association. Member # 4511 and extremely proud of that fact!

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  1. Your father took it very serious, even under these horrible circumstances. Looking at the photo of the beds, i myself here felt some agoraphobia. Your mother must have died several deaths, even though your father had tried calming down the feelings. Thanks for sharing, G.P.. Have a nice Friday! xx Michael

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  2. I like how he keeps his mother in touch with what is going on…but in such a way as to reassure her that there is some sense of normality to his life! A good job he was not on broom detail!

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  3. Interesting post. Thanks!

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  4. It’s amazing how it’s the ‘insignificant parts’–the ten cent screw–that makes every run smoothly.

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  5. Always amazes me when I see the MASSIVE logistical effort needed to fight a war.
    Where did they get the freshwater?
    How many plastic bottles are floating around Afghanistan from supplying water?

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  6. Always enjoy reading these letters. He has such a nice way of writing.

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  7. Some boys have little jobs other must work al days long.They can not choose it .Sleeping places are not confortable but so happy the food is good. Must be so bad that.the soldiers didn’t know anything of what going on
    .Hope they can going all back home.THey are always someone child,father uncle of brother.Hope they are always save. and alive

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  8. Commented on the linked post, GP.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  9. Thank you, Ned.


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