USS Hornet (CV-12) – A Father’s Untold War Story – Battle of Iwo Jima (Feburary – March 1945)(Part 1)

Through every participant’s eyes, we discover a new story.

USS Hornet (CV-12)-A Father's Untold War Story

John T. Ryan US Navy John T. Ryan US Navy

The world is still at war and my father, Seaman First Class, John Thomas Ryan is still serving on the USS Hornet (CV-12).

I recently accessed a war diary on the website Fold3.  This war diary provides a narrative of the Hornet’s activities during each month.  Most of my posts on this blog have been based on factual sources about the war in the pacific and where the Hornet was involved; however there wasn’t always something in those sources specifically about the Hornet.  I plan to go back to some of my previous posts and add some of these pieces of information.  Recently I added the January – March 1944 and the December 1944 information.

USS Hornet (CV-12) ready room, February 1945.
National Archives and Records Administration (photo # 80-G-469242).

“Number CV12-1411, 9 Feb. 1945, USS Hornet—Ernie Pyle, war correspondent visits the USS Hornet (CV-12)…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this stories

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  2. I am caught up with you again, GP. Thank you for these posts, and keeping the stories alive! 🙂

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  3. Checked it out, G. Interesting, as always. –Curt

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  4. Hey, wanted to make sure that the Netflix show “Five Came Back” is on your radar. It’s absolutely wonderful, and right up your alley.


  5. It was held on 24 March,Joint memorial service in Iwo-Jima,Why did it do on that day??
    Do you know? 😀


    • That is question best asked of Maryann on her site.

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    • I couldn’t remember anything in my posts and realized you were referring to something noted elsewhere. I searched on the internet and found an article about the Joint Memorial Service held on March 24, 2018. I don’t know this specifically but my best guess is that the 73rd Anniversary event (an event held annually) was March 19th – 26th 2018 and March 24th was a Saturday a better day to accomodate anyone attending that would just be coming for the weekend.

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      • Dear.Maryann Holloway,
        ” for convenience”!! I see!!:D
        Thank you sooo much!:D
        I thought that the day of 24 March is Special day which I don’t know.
        I searched about it,but nothing appeared.
        So I asked a question.
        It’s solved,Great Thanks!!:D

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  6. Hubby enjoyed the photo of the ready room, as he was on the Roosevelt, a carrier built at the same time as the Hornet. Nothing had changed. 🙂

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  7. Having been on board this mighty ship how could I not go read the full post GP? Thanks for re-blogging

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  8. U.S.S. Hornet, CV-12 is docked at Pier 3 at the former Naval Air Station, Alameda, CA. It was at Pier 3 where the previous Hornet, CV-8, took on the B-25 “Mitchell” bombers that were used in the famous Doolittle Raid on Tokyo in April, 1942. CV-8 had a short but glorious life. She was in service for only 13 months. She fought at Coral Sea, carried the B-25s to Japan for the Doolittle Raid, fought at Midway and was lost in the Battle of Santa Cruz Island, Oct. 1942. When she was lost, CV-12 was under construction and slated to be christened “Kearsarge”. But the Navy has had a Hornet in its fleet almost since the beginning of the Navy, so CV-12 was christened “Hornet” rather than “Kearsarge”. Another of the Essex-class carriers was name “Kearsarge” after CV-12 took on the proudest name in the Navy.

    CV-12 is open for tours and is well worth the visit.

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  9. The photo with Ernie Pyle may have been the last before he was killed on Apr 18th. I just found this on the web:

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    • Yes, this is the exact article I wanted to use as one reference for his passing. It was not on Iwo Jima though, it was Ie Shima and in mid-April. So, we will get there. You can tell Mr. Pyle’s body was staged for the photo, but I know of no other. I’m sure this was done out of respect for the man. Thank you for your interest, I love to see people doing further digging around than I give them!!

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  10. Thank you for re-blogging this, I just checked out the original post, very powerful and well written.

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  11. Thanks for all of your posts. Please keep up your good work.

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  12. Didn’t know about Fold3. I’ll have to look into it.

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  13. What a great photo of your Dad — we forget how young they were!

    Latest news here — my daughter is on tour in Oahu with her Celtic harp right not . . . and bodysurfing on the North Shore! You will enjoy her site, — listen to her Changeling song, on her music page.

    Best to you, GP :)) Dawn

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  14. Love the way you tell this, it takes me there.

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  15. That’s a very interesting article, GP. Packed with detailed information, and illustrated with some excellent photos too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  16. You write “Through every participant’s eyes, we discover a new story.” During a conversation with a combat veteran last Wednesday, he said “the guy fighting on each side of you saw it differently.”

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  17. Thank you for sharing this story.


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