Living in the Past?


Back in December 2016, researcher, historian and hobbyist, Pierre Lagacé offered to construct a model of the P-61 Black Widow from WWII for me. The Northrop aircraft had operated around the SW Pacific during Smitty’s tour on the ground, which only increased my interest. To read a first-hand account of a P-61 in action:

My Forgotten Hobby

I am not living in the past. I am just remembering the past.

Remembering is something I just can’t over with just like writing about the past.

This is an update about my P-61 Black Widow I built which someone will always remember.


It all started when I asked my readers to choose the next project. The Black Widow won hands down.

It was GP’s favorite plane…

Then I had this plan about GP’s favorite plane.

Packing the Black Widow and shipping it to GP in a box within a box.


I did not have time to take pictures on how I packed it so I asked GP to take pictures.

This is the end result.


The box


The box within the box




The Black Widow arrived safety except for a broken strut which GP repaired gingerly.


Next time on this blog…


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About GP Cox

Everett Smith served with the Headquarters Company, 187th Regiment, 11th A/B Division during WWII. This site is in tribute to my father, "Smitty." GPCox is a member of the 11th Airborne Association. Member # 4511 and extremely proud of that fact!

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  1. I still make model airplanes, WW I. 1/72 scale , small for these old arthritic fingers. It is enjoyable to paint them to match origin markings.

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  2. Nice. My 4 brothers and I had lots of models.
    Unfortunately, boys think models are toys and their lifespan is pretty short.

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  3. What a fine model – and what a fine gesture on Pierre’s part! 🙂

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  4. This is comment no. 100.
    I will read what I missed.

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  5. A beautiful gesture from a Word press Buddy gp, lovely to see two friends whose shared interests form such a great bond of friendship.

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  6. I’ve had this post open in a tab forever, just so I’d remember to come by and mention the one thing that really impressed me: the packing job. I spent a good bit of time buying and selling antique china on ebay, and believe me — learning to ship that stuff so it wasn’t broken when it arrived was a challenge. I’m so glad you’re arrived in good order, and that you shared it with us.

    I’ve never built a model before, but I have one waiting for me in the closet. It’s not an airplane — well, not exactly — but one of these days I’ll get around to it, and you can see it on my blog.

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    • I’ll definitely look for it, Linda.
      When Pierre told me he was going to do this for me, I was floored!! It shows just what a good job packing he did, it went from Quebec to So. Florida – 2 different postal systems didn’t destroy it!!

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  7. THIS IS AWESOME! How kind that was? It goes to show how many people have come to ‘know’, admire and respect you and your Dad 🙂

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  8. One of many other models I built before I reached 17. Many of those were Monogram, in preference to Revell, Lindberg, and especially the mediocre company, Aurora. Another memorable one was Airfix’s B17 “G”

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  9. Truly amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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  10. How cool 😎 is that! What a great blogger friend to create that bit of history for you! 🤗

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  11. What fun, G. A nice reward for all of your efforts. Hats off to Pierre! –Curt

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  12. It was so kind of Pierre to send you the plane. This post brought brought back warm memories of my children making similar kits years ago.

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  13. Is that you, naked, in front of the model. Naughty!


  14. Living in the past; we all do to a certain extent, there are many who will not admit it as we are suppose to move forward. I say, how can we get to the future if we do not remember the past. Have a great weekend. Ann

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  15. Building plastic models used to be my favorite hobby when I was younger. I got many planes but I do not think I ever had Black Widow. Good to see the model of Black Widow here and glad that you show the box. I still remember Monogram well.

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  16. Bet that made your week! How nice of Pierre to send you that plane. Also, there’s a familiar book in the background of that first shot 🙂

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  17. What a treasure. How are you going to display it?

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  18. That’s great; so well done!

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  19. I love the sweetness here of friendship, salutation, craft, and honor — lovely post, GP.

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  20. Your posts are always interesting to read

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  21. I’ve received parcels like that. I think model makers are excellent at packing. I have an A-10 Warthog that made it safely from England.

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  22. Amazing work! And what a treat! 🙂
    All smiles,
    warm greetings from Norway. x

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  23. A beauty!

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  24. That delicate parcel would be a worthy challenge to our postal service, and one which they would eagerly take up.

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  25. That’s a beautifully detailed scale model. Very nicely done. I know what it takes to build one of these, because I used to enjoy building models, too.

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  26. When model building was a hobby of mine – about a 100 years ago – I preferred building ships. But this is cool – the Black Widow.

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  27. Your comments all over WordPress demonstrate your ability to stay in the present

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  28. I remember as a child building a plastic model of this airplane and see its history is enlightening. Thank you.

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  29. P-38 was the one I was thinking of…sorry about that….I digress….have a good day….chuq

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  30. P-61? I had not heard of it before now….amazing in itself….chuq

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  31. The P-38 Lightning and P-61 Black Widow are two of my ALL TIME Favorite WW2 airplanes. I remember doing models as a kid and for each plane I would do research. I would then copy what I had found onto a 3×5 note card and display it with each plane! My room looked like a small Airplane museum! I guess that was the beginnings of how I became a Military Historian!!

    Beautiful piece of work GP!!

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  32. I think my comment was lost again…
    It might show up, as it did before.

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  33. What a great gift of model-building. And so nice to see the ‘giving process’ in action.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  34. Looks true to life, that’s for sure 🙂

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