Operation Reckless Part 2: Pounding Hollandia

As we enter April 1944, no information on New Guinea can be more researched than this. Let’s thank the IHRA !!


Damaged enemy planes on the ground.


Fifth Air Force began attacking Hollandia on March 30, 1944 with B-24 Liberators escorted by 80 Lightnings. They met 40 enemy aircraft, but did not lose any planes. The next day, the heavy bombers went back and finished softening Hollandia for the low-level A-20 attacks scheduled for April 3rd. The 312th’s A-20s would not be alone in this endeavor. They would be joined by B-24s from the 22nd, 43rd and 90th Bomb Groups, B-25s from the 38th and 345th Bomb Groups and A-20s from the 3rd Bomb Group. The 234 bombers would be escorted by 76 P-38s, which would make this the largest formation of Fifth Air Force aircraft at this point of the war. The 900 mile roundtrip mission would be the longest yet for the 312th. Col. Strauss gave his intelligence officers, operations officers and squadron commanders a thorough briefing the night before Operation Reckless was to commence…

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Everett Smith served with the Headquarters Company, 187th Regiment, 11th A/B Division during WWII. This site is in tribute to my father, "Smitty." GP is a member of the 11th Airborne Association. Member # 4511 and extremely proud of that fact!

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    • Fantastic, John. I thought I had something about this unit when they had a reunion, but I can not seem to locate it. I appreciate your interest and taking the time to bring me the link.


  1. Thanks for sharing another amazing post:))


  2. Makes me wonder if America could actually achieve the same results today as they did way back then, the might of the military was the forefront of America during that war, somehow, without going into politics, the Bald Eagle seems to have lost it feathers.

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    • No, I don’t believe we could do it again. Despite the increase in technology, there is the politics and the ‘new and improved’ politically correct way of doing things. Unfortunately the eagle is becoming balder by the minute.

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  3. Azi este sâmbătă, Pe vremurii oamenii se întâlneau în sat la o horă ..era momentul în care împărţeau bucuriile, după o săptămână de muncă …Ei…dar vremurile sunt altele…Şi Noi ne vom întâlni diseară …la o horă a gândurilor…
    Încă sunt în vacanță, însă vă citesc cu drag atunci când am posibilitate. Să auzim numai de bine ! O zi splendidă vă doresc!

    Today is Saturday, on vremurii people met at a dance in the village when the shared joys ..era after a week of work … They … but times are different … And We’ll meet tonight .. .if a dance of thoughts …
    I’m still on vacation, but you fondly when I read possibility. Let’s hear only good things! A beautiful day I want!


  4. The before and after photos tell the story all too well.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  5. That was some lucky dog tag! Wow…

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  6. Hollandia was the capital of the former Dutch colony of Dutch New Guinea. It is now part of The republic of Indonesia. A great post. GP Cox.

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  7. elizabeth ann johnson-murphree

    The times in which you tell a story has a special place in my heart, I do hope people are reading and will remember. We are the last you know of those times. Thank you for this and all of your post. eajm

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  8. Fantastic Post as usual. I cannot believe IHRA only has 537 followers GP!

    Let’s encourage all our readers to visit their page RIGHT NOW and subscribe!! if you enjoy reading about WW2 History, then we all need to show our support of their efforts!! Remember: It takes time, money and tons of research to put these post together, so let’s all reciprocate!

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  9. And thank you once again for sharing another one of our posts! 🙂

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