National POW/MIA Recognition Day (2)


Pacific Paratrooper



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by: Abe Jones

For as long as we have Wars
And we send our Young to fight
We’ll have Those who are Missing
And the P.O.W.’s plight.
All People of this Nation
Have this Duty to fulfill,
We must keep Them in our thoughts
And, We must have the Will
To bring every One home
And those POW/MIAs
And leave NO Souls behind.


Farewell Salutes – 

Pamela Brement – Tucson, AZ; civilian internee, WWII, Philippinespowmia

John Gulberanson – Roveville, MN; US navy, WWII, POW Santo Tomas, Philippines; Korea

Richard Klema – Wilson, KS & Morro Bay, CA; US Army, WWII, ETO, POW

Buel Knight – Tuscaloosa, AL; US Army, ETO, POW / USMC, Korea, Vietnam

Bruno Lombardi…

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About GP

Everett Smith served with the Headquarters Company, 187th Regiment, 11th A/B Division during WWII. This site is in tribute to my father, "Smitty." GP is a member of the 11th Airborne Association. Member # 4511 and extremely proud of that fact!

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  1. Thank you so much for the post. … leave NO Souls behind.

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  2. I wish we could have a world without wars; where love prevails; as Jesus Christ prescribed! Our young would not be so exposed.


    • That would be a dream come true, but it doesn’t appear to be a part of human nature. Thank you for visiting.


      • You are right. We are far off this dream. It is not part of human constructed human nature. The nature that the creator made was meant to be good. We have corrupted it ourselves through the education we have given ourselves down the millennia.


        • Perhaps advanced scientific genetic research will one day alter humans for the better – tone down their greed and need for power.


          • That would be wonderful; but what I think we need is just a simple reform of our educational system. What education are we giving ourselves? Are we educating ourselves to love or to hate? To cooperate or to compete? To fight or to live in peace? We humans have not yet understood that the world as we have it is our construct not the way God meant it to be; and we have constructed it this way because of how we have educated ourselves. If you are educated to love me, you will love me. If you are educated to hate me you will do. If you are educated to be open to new ideas you will listen to others and consider what they say. If you are educated to think it has to be this way for ever, that is the way you will take it.Hence to eradicate the so much evil in the world, we MUST CHANGE the way we think and we can only do it if we are educated or reeducated to think differently. Please, excuse me if it does not sound nice to hear.


            • No need for excusing yourself for voicing your opinion, you’ve made a good point. But how can we do this on a large scale? What is that first step?


              • The first step is for you to tell me you are in this and going along with me. This is what I have been looking form- someone in a more influential environment to buy this idea and agree to go along with me. If we agree, then, as you are in a more influential society which is also more open to new ideas, you could start to try to sell the idea to some people in view of creating a possibility of a forum to present these views to some audience. Once this is done, we shall start to debate, discuss and search for ways and means to take it further and get more and more people on board.I have written a book for teachers and my dream has been to take this message to the world to mobilize people to join in the campaign to reform education for an excellent world. Foresee a situation where we can make a tour of the world talking to parents, teachers, social groups, Parliaments, other institutions to stop filling children with negative thoughts. and start from childhood to fill them with positive thoughts. Our goal shall be to get educationists, education policy makers, Governments to see the impact of the negative education they are filling children and others with. and carry out reforms in education. It is a journey of 1 billion miles but that is not what matters as much as starting it and having it going. The name of the organization that I have created for this big dream is known as EXCELLENT WORLD INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION. If you have time to look around my site you will see my vision for an excellent world. i’ll give you the link of the post later so you can see what I am up to.I have been bidding my time knowing someone would come on board at the right time to pull me up to hold my hand with this. I have the vision; the dream; but have my limitations and need someone especially in an influential society to hold my hand. Shall you be the one?


                • I respect your ideas and position, but my work in compiling history and assistance for current veterans encompasses the extent of my time. I regret to decline, but most do so. Perhaps someone who has the time and resources to help you will read this comment and contact you. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.


                  • Thank you very much. You’ve made a great contribution which is to rekindle my enthusiasm for this dream. Already I have reposted my first write-up on this site on this dream and that opens the way for more people to see it. I know God works in wonderful ways and will definitely open a door somewhere for me. I encourage you on the work you are doing and wish you resounding success. Should it happen, as one can never say, that you find time and have inspiration to be part of this in future. the door shall always be open to you. In every project some people are there at the start, some come in as it is progressing; and some come at the end.

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  3. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to say thank you enough to them, or their families. But, they deserve all the support we can give them, and that must go beyond the praise.

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  4. How terrifying that would be for both the POW and his family. What dedication that takes to defend our country and our world at any cost.


  5. I can not imagine what it must feel like not to know. –Curt


  6. How much some suffer so we may sleep peacefully.

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  7. Great reminder of all those men and women who remain captive and for those who never came home.


  8. Indeed… may they always come home. Hugs.

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  9. Good to have a dedicated day. We don’t have the same thing here, but they are recognised along with the others, during the main Armistice Day parade, in November.

    Best wishes, Pete.


  10. I’ll post on this tomorrow with the story of my first World War II veteran who was POW. Fascinating story!

    Kayleen Reusser

    Author of World War II Legacies:

    Stories of Northeast Indiana Veterans

    Preserving our past, present, and future

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