New Guinea Camp Life

The International Historical Research Associates have supplied an excellent video for our beginning the journey through New Guinea! Please click on the National Archive link – I seem to have reblogged the video incorrectly – Thank you for your patience.


This week, the US National Archives posted a rare video that was shot and later put together by Lt. Col. Ken Gerrish of his time in New Guinea from 1942-1944. Head over to the National Archives blog for the back story and watch the video either here or on their blog.

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About GP Cox

Everett Smith served with the Headquarters Company, 187th Regiment, 11th A/B Division during WWII. This site is in tribute to my father, "Smitty." GPCox is a member of the 11th Airborne Association. Member # 4511 and extremely proud of that fact!

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  1. This is amazing footage, and I found it useful for my work too.


  2. Great clips of history there gp, Moresby airstrip has certainly changed since I was there.
    What a fascinating story, if that Aussie downed pilot, quite clearly visible in the first part of the video, could be identified.
    Unfortunately I don’t know how to take a still from a video.
    Great post mate.
    Ian and Emu


  3. Thank you gpcox for that little gem of a home movie from Lt Gerrish ,it was really good,I enjoyed it . That New Guinesa campaign took such a toll, not from fighting as such but the elements and diseases.All who fought ,both Australian and American, can be justifiably proud and won the respect of their Countries.


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    • I am hopefully educated people about the fact that Australia and the US were actually in New Guinea, Ron – I know I never learned it in school; Smitty told me. Have a wonderful Easter!

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  4. I couldn’t get it to load. I tried both ways. Hate when that happens!


  5. Wow! What an amazing video! Again, I learn more history. Ashamed to admit I didn’t remember learning about the US and Japan, being in New Guinea, during WW2. Pulled up a world map and see it’s right there, south of the Philippines. And next to the Solomon Islands. Good grief!


    • Good to see you back around, Minefield! Hope all has been well? Yes, I couldn’t help but reblog that video; wish I had done a better job on it, tho!!! Thanks for coming back.


  6. Sorry gpcox the Video does not work for me, not sure why, it just says an error occurred try later, I did and it still says the same, so I won’t worry.

    Blessings for Easter – Ron and Anne.


  7. I saved this link for later viewing. I’ve seen so little about New Guinea over the years, this will be interesting to watch. I’m not exactly sure when my father was stationed there, but it’s nice to see something of what he was experiencing.


  8. A very interesting video. Thank you for sharing it. I should not laugh at the kid smoking, but it was quite funny – he was enjoying the attention too. Is the narrator saying “Milme Bay” for Milne Bay? I am not sure where Milme Bay is.


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