Guest Blog: Operation Sandcrab

Another view of Alaska.


Kirsten Olson provides another interesting piece of Alaskan history. This time, inspiration came to Kirsten while working on a collection of items deposited at UAMN via a repository agreement with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In 2012, USFWS transferred 93 items collected from Attu Island to the museum and Kirsten spent several months cataloging, researching, and curating these items. She painstakingly constructed customized archival boxes for each piece, from pieces of shrapnel to gas masks, toothbrushes to Japanese paper dolls. She discovered the human stories behind these rusted and damaged items, and developed a small exhibit, which is on display at the UAF Rasmuson Library 4th Floor until August 2014. ~~AJL

Guest blogger, Kirsten Olson here again, this time to honor our men in arms.  May 17th marks Armed Forces Day, so to recognize this day and our soldiers, I’d like to take a moment to shed some light on…

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Everett Smith served with the Headquarters Company, 187th Regiment, 11th A/B Division during WWII. This site is in tribute to my father, "Smitty." GPCox is a member of the 11th Airborne Association. Member # 4511 and extremely proud of that fact!

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  1. A very interesting story on that particular aspect of the Alaskan war.
    Castners cutthroats appear to have been a very formidable force.
    Once again we see the atrocity of the Japanese with the execution of Foster Jones


  2. A fascinating link. What sad suffering for the original island inhabitants.


  3. Hi! Thanks for liking so many of my World War II posts. I appreciate it!

    If you could ever use a guest blog post, please let me know. I’d be glad to send one of your approval your way. At this point I’ve interviewed 75 World War II vets. All so interesting and fulfilling! I write their stories for newspapers, magazines and my book, World War II Legacies: Stories of Northeast Indiana Veterans.

    Take care,

    Kayleen Reusser

    Author of WWII Legacies: Stories of Northeast Indiana Veterans



  4. I was unaware there had been an execution…nor forced internment on Hokkaido.


  5. Fascinating as usual. Love this series.


    • It has been a break from the hot and muggy island fighting and a part of the war most forgotten about despite the fact that it was a US territory at the time. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it, Jacqui!


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