Japanese attack on Shanghai 8 December 1941

Martin Gibson’s historic site, War and Security, is certain to have something for everyone. Here we have the Shanghai attack occurring at the same time as Pearl Harbor.

War and Security

The Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 is extremely well known, but far fewer people know that the Japanese also attacked British and US warships at Shanghai without declaring war. This took place on the same day, although it was 8 December in Shanghai because it was on the other side of the International Date Line.

Britain and the USA both then maintained small naval forces on the Yangtze River in order to protect their interests in China. These included the Shanghai International Settlement, an autonomous district of the city inhabited by Westerners. It was originally protected by British soldiers, US Marines and Royal Navy and United States Navy gunboats, but most of these had been withdrawn by December 1941.

Japan and China had been at war with each other since 1937, when China began to fully resist Japanese encroachments into her territory that…

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Everett Smith served with the Headquarters Company, 187th Regiment, 11th A/B Division during WWII. This site is in tribute to my father, "Smitty." GP is a member of the 11th Airborne Association. Member # 4511 and extremely proud of that fact!

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  1. Facts assembled as mere snippets have the greatest impact, since no one realises their absorption by mental osmosis. These are the stuff on which so many ‘huffnpuffs’ build their reputations and cream off those fat lecture fees. Each of your revelations are kernels of truth worth remembering – thank you.


  2. I am constantly amazed by how much Japan accomplished with so few. Brilliant strategies, indomitable force of will, but only a few islands-worth of potential soldiers. Amazing.


  3. Me too, this is new to me. Thanks.


  4. Did know this. Interesting.


  5. Also, something I didn’t know. Never learned it in history like so many things. Thanks for sharing this!


  6. I had no idea. Wow.


  7. I think this episode is the one depicted in the film “Empire of the Sun”, but I hadn’t realised that December 8th in China was exactly the same time as December 7th in Hawaii. And if I’m honest, I still don’t really understand it!


  8. More stuff I didn’t know. I’m beginning to wonder what war I read all those books about 🙂 Seriously, thanks for expanding the picture for me.


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