Thanksgiving – then and now

To all the service men and women, both past and present, who made this Thanksgiving possible.  We owe you a debt of Thanks that can never be repaid.

Sights in the newspapers on the home front…

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About GP

Everett Smith served with the Headquarters Company, 187th Regiment, 11th A/B Division during WWII. This site is in tribute to my father, "Smitty." GP is a member of the 11th Airborne Association. Member # 4511 and extremely proud of that fact!

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  1. My eyes won’t cooperate… But the souvenirs in the first pic… Smitty’s?


    • ‘fraid not, Koji. I figured I’d be smothering the readers down with Smitty-paraphernalia soon enough, so I let his stuff be for now. I knew you would like this, I just your Dad could see it.

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  2. We need to be thankful for all the freedoms we have all year long that Veterans have fought to maintain in our country. We are truly blessed.


  3. Wonderful post! On behalf of my own father, uncles, cousins, friends, and former students — all of whom have served faithfully — I thank you for those sentiments. I just found out about your blog when you visited my Christmas site (“Merry Christmas, World”). I really like what you have done here, and so will my dad. I will tell him about it. He was a Marine Staff Sergeant during WWII and served in the South Pacific. He’s 88 now, and still very proud to have served our country. You would probably enjoy his blog too. Although he is a minister of the Gospel now and uses his blog to share many things in that line, he also shares about some of the service-related and patriotic topics. For Veteran’s Day, he posted an article that relates some of the events he and his Marine Unit went through during that time and how miraculously God saved their lives. That’s the first item on his site right now. I’ll give you the link to it in case you want to read it. He has also posted two short stories that he wrote based on his experiences during WWII. You will find his site at this link:

    Keep up the great work. People in this generation need to UNDERSTAND what war is like and why standing firm for our freedom when we have peace to do it in is SO IMPORTANT.


    • I agree with you whole-heartedly. Thank you for leaving this comment. I will definately visit your father’s site. (my uncle was a career Marine and my sone was killed in 1992 while serving in the Marines. Tell your father – Thank you for your service!”


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